Lesson Not Checked Off After Watching

If you viewed a lesson from beginning to end, you will see a green check mark next t it when viewing your progress under the My Courses menu. Lessons that have been completed will have a check mark, and quizzes that have been successfully passed will be indicated with your percentage.

To get credit for a lesson, you must watch the entire video from start to finish. If you close your browser before completing the lesson, you will pick up on the slide you left off on when you go back into the lesson.

When you finish the lesson, click END or Exit Presentation.

Some reasons you may not see a check mark are:

  • You closed your browser before the last slide was complete
  • You navigated away from the lesson while the video was playing. You MUST keep the browser window open and active in order for the lesson to be marked COMPLETE. If the browser window is running in the background, the video will time out.
  • Your device went to sleep or a screen saver was activated while the lesson was playing.
  • The video timed out. If you walked away and left the video playing, the system will time out if there is inactivity after the lesson completes
  • You haven’t passed the associated quiz – take the quiz AFTER watching the lesson. Once you pass the quiz, the lesson AND the quiz will be marked complete
  • You are using an unsupported browser (Internet Explorer)
  • You lost connection to the server