Elearning Site Launch

Welcome to the new e-learning site for Suffolk REMSCO.  The first course being hosted here is the 2016/17 ALS protocol update.  Please take a moment to register. You MUST register prior to taking the update in order to continue with the certification process.

2 thoughts on “Elearning Site Launch”

  1. How do I print my certificates for the individual classes as part of the
    EMT-B Core CME Course I Completed on November 29, 2021
    They seem not to be available anymore on this site.

    • Hello, Michael. Students are supposed to print the certificate once they pass the post-quiz and it is presented to them. The only way to get the certificate yourself is to print it right away, without closing the quiz out. When you have completed all classes in the course, it should then close out and give you a certificate of completion for the entire course. That is as good as having all of the individual course certificates. You might have gotten an email saying that you have completed the course when you finished. Could you please check to see if it is somewhere in your emails. On our end, we do see that you have completed everything, so no worries there.

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